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Currently, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) reportedly affects 8 million people or approximately 12 percent of the adult population in the United States.1 Reportedly more than 50 percent of people with PAD are asymptomatic.2 Without effective and timely intervention, PAD can lead to critical limb ischemia (CLI), which is characterized by intermittent claudication, poor wound healing and subsequent amputation.

Peripheral arterial disease is reportedly four times more likely in patients with diabetes.3 Given the aging of the population and the ever-increasing incidence of diabetes in the U.S., timely diagnosis of PAD and CLI, and effective interventions are critical.

Given these challenges, Limb Salvage Summit offers a multimedia portal for podiatrists and vascular surgeons with educational videos and stimulating articles and supplements from leaders in both fields. Limb Salvage Summit provides a comprehensive resource to facilitate appropriate referrals, education and multidisciplinary collaboration between podiatrists and vascular surgeons. The ultimate goal of Limb Salvage Summit is to promote improved wound healing and successful limb salvage in patients at high risk for PAD and CLI.

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